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16 October 2019Cultural Revolution in the Heart of Europe
20 March 2019Art and Architecture of the American West
24 October 2018Treasures of the Silk Road - from China to the Mediterranean
18 April 2018The Brilliance of British Architecture
11 October 2017The Lion of the Sea
21 June 2017The Normans – Culture and Legacy
05 October 2016The Versatility of Colour and Thread
09 March 2016The Romanovs
07 October 2015East meets West

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Cultural Revolution in the Heart of Europe Gavin Plumley Wednesday 16 October 2019

During the 19th century, when many Central European countries were still under the control of the Habsburgs in Vienna, art and culture were often the only ways in which the Empire's constituent crownlands could express national identity.  One hundred years after the end of Habsburg dominance in Central Europe, this special interest day looks at the two case studies, Slovenia and Hungary, through the prism of their capital cities, Ljubljana and Budapest.

This is a two-lecture special interest day followed by lunch.

Gavin Plumley is a writer and braodcaster, appearing on BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4 and contributing to newspapers, magazines and opera and concert programmes worldwide.  He lectures widely about the culture of Central Europe during the 19th and 20th centures.


Image of Budapest courtesy of Gavin Plumley