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25 March 2020Beyond Earth - Stone Age to Space Age
21 October 2020The History of Art: A Journey of Discovery

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Beyond Earth - Stone Age to Space Age Lars Tharp Wednesday 25 March 2020


Clay, oh, modest, pliant Clay where would we be without you?  No houses, no cities of mud, brick or concrete - no civilization; no clay tablets recording ownership for state taxation; no writing as we know it; no wine in jars to drown our sorrows; no terracotta armies, nor all the other funerary offerings provisioning us into the next world; no Grecian Urn of Keats; no gnashing of ceramic molar implants; no ceramic insulation - no electricity.  The Arts Society by candlelight!  An Anthology of Man's most important raw material from the last 20,000 years.

A special interest day of two lectures with lunch, followed by a roadshow in the afternoon.

Lars Tharp was born in Copenhagen and educated in England.  He read archaeology at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge University.  He has been involved in the auction world for 40 years, is a freelance braodcaster who works regularly with the BBC (among others, The Antiques Road Show) and until 2010 was curator and museum director of The Foundling Museum.

Image:  Lars Tharp with Picasso vase from Attenborough Collection

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